Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There comes a time...

...when every grown man realizes they're too damn old to be cutting their own hair. For me, that day is today.

Sure, I've cut my hair dozens of times, maybe 50 times or more, and things usually go pretty well. I may be a bit uneven now and then, but it's usually not bad enough for anyone to notice.

Well...today I was using a razor comb (a tool I've been pretty good with in the past) and the next thing I now there's a canyon, a bypass, an abyss running down the middle of my head; an inverted mohawk if you will. I tried for a few minutes to even things out, but it was pretty clear that my fate was sealed.

So I walked my chapeau-ed self down to Supercuts to have a professional clean up the 'incident.' I ended up with a rather brusque Asian lady who didn't speak a whole lotta English. She got to work with the clippers and got things evened out pretty quickly. She cut it a little shorter than I would have liked, but honestly, what was she going to do, make it look worse?

I'd like to put photos up, but I left my card reader on the mainland. So, in lieu of that, I've prepared a series of alternate photos that acts as a timeline for 'dos past and present.

Greg two years ago:

Greg last year:

Greg now:

I gotta tell ya. Looking back at these photos...I think I look pretty damn good with all three hairstyles. As long as I have my tattoos and British accent, I'll be irresistible. Well....in any case, as long as this doesn't happen in a year, I think I'll be alright.