Saturday, September 30, 2006

On second thought...

I've decided to keep the pics from the previous post up for a host of reasons:

1. Popular demand. (i.e. Evan)
2. Shameless self-promotion
3. I post far too infrequently. It would be a shame to destroy such a rare creature.
4. To remind myself that when I forget to shave I look like a middle-schooler trying to grow his first mustache.
5. To remind myself and the world how painfully handsome I am. (see point 2)
6. They make me laugh.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Facial Expressions

It should be noted that I am merely uploading these photos so that I can print them out at school tomorrow for a class on facial expressions. By this time tomorrow night they'll be gone. I guess what I'm trying to say is, catching this post might be roughly akin to witnessing Haley's Comet while having diarrhea: A once in a lifetime experience that you'd probably rather forget.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sports Festival

Well. Seeing as I have ANOTHER sports festival coming up this weekend I thought it might be prudent to sit down and write about the first sports festival. It was a few weeks ago, so details might be a bit fuzzy. The basic format of the festival was that the students were split into two teams, one red and one white. From there, the students competed in a number of sporting events, most of which would be quite foreign to the American sports enthusiast. The most recognizable events were various relay races. There was also a tug of war, a game similar to chicken where students get on others shoulders and try to steal hats from the other teams shoulder-sitters, mass jump roping, and kendo (traditional Japanese sword fighting) to name a few. The whole day was really fun. I had a good time cheering the kids on. I started the day rooting for the red team and the switched during the afternoon to team white. Unfortunately, when the event results were tallied up, the red team came out on top. Whoops! This weekend, apparently, the sports festival will be a little more straight forward: kids playing their respective sports and competing against other schools. Gambatte Naruse Daiichi chuugakko!


So...I'm sitting at my desk at my elementary school, doing god knows what, when the first grade teach next to me pulls out a giant book that she says she would like me to read to the students in the near future. On seeing the book a rush of pre-pubescent memories socked me in the face like a sack of nickels. Hmm.....that sounds about as painful as my attempts at metaphors. ANYWAY....A quick once-over of the oversized atlas confirmed my original suspicion: I had this exact same book as a child. I alerted my fellow teachers to this rather unlikely coincidence, prompting the question, "Is this a famous book in America?" "Not that I know of," I told them. I've never seen this book outside the confines of my room in the late 80's. Has anyone reading this seen/owned/read this book? I'm heading back to the elementary school tomorrow. Maybe they'll pull out that awesome boat I always used to play with in the that thing was cool.