Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So...I'm sitting at my desk at my elementary school, doing god knows what, when the first grade teach next to me pulls out a giant book that she says she would like me to read to the students in the near future. On seeing the book a rush of pre-pubescent memories socked me in the face like a sack of nickels. Hmm.....that sounds about as painful as my attempts at metaphors. ANYWAY....A quick once-over of the oversized atlas confirmed my original suspicion: I had this exact same book as a child. I alerted my fellow teachers to this rather unlikely coincidence, prompting the question, "Is this a famous book in America?" "Not that I know of," I told them. I've never seen this book outside the confines of my room in the late 80's. Has anyone reading this seen/owned/read this book? I'm heading back to the elementary school tomorrow. Maybe they'll pull out that awesome boat I always used to play with in the that thing was cool.

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y'think they use dr. seuss to teach english class?