Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Man oh man.......

Once a year the sleepy little town of Higashimatsushima decides to let its hair down and have itself a good ol' fashioned air show. Ya know, the kind where jets, closer to each other than I care to be to some people, swoop by the crowd doing maneuvers that boggle the mind? THAT kind of air show.

The show lasted the better part of the late morning and early afternoon on Sunday and included helicopters, parachuters and speedy jet airplanes. The jet group, known as Blue Impulse (a Blue Angels homage?), are local celebrities especially among the little ones.

What was REALLY cool was, in the week leading up to the show, Blue Impulse would practice during the day. I would be biking to work, minding my business, when WHOOOOOOOOOOSH. Of course, this led to numerous close calls on my bike as I have come to find remembering how to ride a bike is like......um..... well, it's a lot harder than some people would lead you to believe.

In addition to air theatrics, we also had a chance to watch Blue Impulse Jr., a group of motorcyclers with their rides decked out to look like jets who also did tightly choreographed shows, earthbound of course. It's times like these that I think to myself, "Hey, that's pretty neat," or, "Well, if China decides to invade at least I can sleep well knowing that we're prepared."

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annnnnnnnieeeeeeeeee said...

blue impulse jr. is cute as hell.

if the chinese invade, i think i might be doomed. but i could pull the taiwanese card. you won't turn against me will you??