Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Now that I have NOTHING to do I've reached a level of boredom heretofore unknown. I've been trying to fill my time with lots of going to the gym and trying to teach myself HTML/CSS/JavaScript with varying degrees of success.

I've also been catching up on old episodes of 'Chuck' that I had missed. The show is sooo good...thank god it got renewed for a third season. It's an odd thing, it's not superbly well written like Mad Men, brutally real like The Wire, crazy funny like Arrested Development, or action packed like BSG, it's just amazingly entertaining and watchable.

The music is also pretty awesome on the show. The show's theme song is by Cake, they've had songs by The National and several by Bon Iver. Hell, one of the shows I just watched had a plot point that revolved around 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. They've also used not ONE, not TWO, but THREE! songs by Huey Lewis and the News.

Then again, there's only so much web development self study and addictive TV can do to chase boredom away. Looking forward to being home for a few weeks then off to Columbia to learn me some architecture.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Camera

After months of patiently scouring ebay, I finally found what I had been seeking: a shiny new (read: 55 years old) Voigtlander Perkeo II. BEHOLD!

The Perkeo is one of the smallest and most well-built medium format folding cameras sold around the middle of last century.

I purchased the camera from Jurgen Kreckel, the guru on medium format folder restoration (who knew such a niche hobby existed?).

People keep asking me why I would want something that has NONE of the niceties of today's DSLR cameras. You don't need to worry about me abandoning digital photography, I just want to dabble in the range of possibilities still offered in the analog realm; to remember what it's like for photography to take time. Also, since I'll probably be picking up a Holga soon, the film will be interchangeable. If I dig the camera, I've already planned out future cameras that would complement the collection.

Also also...this fits into my recent obsession with all things mid 50s through early 60s: 2d art, 3d art, architecture, typography, movies, historical fiction TV programs.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Drawing Class

I'm going through the time devouring process of digitizing/editing my drawings from my art class this semester. I'll probably finish them all over the weekend, but until then, he's a sample of what's to come.